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When it comes to automation and machining technology, few can match Advance CNC Machining. Our capabilities make it even easier to provide our customers with highly accurate parts, faster lead times, and competitive pricing for production quantities. It’s these values or quality, deliverability, and reliability that Advance CNC brings to every one of our customers. Does your company have a need for high volume, aluminum machining? If so, let us know and our team will be happy to make the investment for you. Between our quality assurance, automated production, and stocking program, you can have confidence in your parts being right and ready whenever you need them. Have a part in mind? Click to request a quote and get started!

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5-Axis Advance CNC Machining Services

High precision and complex machined parts are our specialty. We have invested heavily in our equipment which includes Makino 5 and 4 axis machines. These state-of-the-art  machines allow us to provide the speed and precision our customers expect. Thanks to the quality of our equipment and our use of automation, we can cut down on the machining time of complex parts by up to 84%. With up to 5-axes of machining capacity, parts are machined rapidly without sacrificing quality. If you have a need for medium to high-volume machining, Advance CNC Machining is ready to quote your job. Prior to contacting us, you can learn more about our capabilities, equipment, and team by browsing our website.  In addition to our robust machining capabilities, we are able to reverse engineer, design or revise parts for manufacturability, and to provide 24/7 industrial part repair throughout Ohio.


Partners in Performance and Quality

We are happy to be exclusively partnered with Makino, a global leader in the CNC machine manufacturing world, to bring our customers the quality work that is synonymous with Advance CNC Machining.

Want to see our capabilities and Makino machines in action? Check out our videos with Makino below and see why the global standard in CNC Machines chooses Advance CNC to represent their industry leading technology!

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Why people love Advance CNC

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"This team is exceptionally accurate and very timely. We’d recommend them to anyone looking for custom to production parts since their capabilities are fantastic. Very keen with quality and excellent communication and very quick lead times. Haven’t seen or had any issues with anyone I have dealt with in their team. They always respond to emails and calls within a timely fashion, which in my business is extremely important."Read More


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"This shop is awesome! I have been in the industry for 34 years and have dealt with dozens of machine shops. The people here are professional from top to bottom. I have found that about one out of every ten shops does what they say they will do when they say they will do it. This shop gets it done and is on the top of my list to this day after dealing with them since 2004."Read More


Machined Aluminum

I have worked with Advance for over twenty years. First with Mel, then Travis Hamilton and Matt Bores. Whether it was an emergency or not, everyone has done everything they could to get me the part I needed when I needed it. There have been many emergencies, and they've always come through. They have reverse engineered many parts for us so we can get them either faster or cheaper than from the OEM."Read More