CNC Engineering Services

Engineering Your Design from the Start

Our services don’t end with machining. We will also work with you to design or engineer any part you need. Our highly skilled team of mechanical engineers takes an innovative approach to developing new products, working backward to identify what you need before designing the component. Food and drug, automation and packaging are just a few of our specialties.

Mechanical Engineering Services

Whether you need design, reverse engineering, or prototyping, the team at Advance CNC Machining will advise your team and design your parts for longer wear, better functionality, and lower production cost.

It doesn’t matter if you need a single part or an extensive, turnkey solution, Advance CNC Machining is here for you. Our team can meet all of your mechanical engineering needs, including:

Machine Modification, Repair & Design

From the initial concept to the finished part, our team of engineers will work with you to develop the design for your new equipment. This proves especially beneficial in cases where a part may be completely unique and have no other comparable counterpart available on the market.

We provide ISO-certified engineering design for your parts development needs. An ISO certification means that our processes are closely aligned with the International Organization for Standardization principles and that we have been independently vetted for our capabilities.

If you are looking to further innovate your existing equipment, we can also work with you to create a new part design that meets your evolving needs. You can then integrate your new part into your upgraded equipment to drive improved performance for your product line.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering involves disassembling an existing part and carefully studying its design and construction to better understand how it was developed and how it functions.

This process can serve a variety of useful purposes. From creating a similar product to your competitors, improving upon an existing design, or recreating a product where its design documentation is no longer available, reverse engineering can prove an instrumental resource in your parts manufacturing operations.

  • Portable material analyzer
  • Supported with complete inspection lab, for accuracy
  • Detailed prints available for approval prior to manufacture
  • FARO, 3D Printing and portable inspection equipment

Consulting (Engineering & Design Issues)

Do you have an idea for a part that you are struggling to design or manufacture? Our engineers can consult with your team to help you bridge that gap and create a tangible product that meets your requirements.

With our team’s combined experience, we are able to bring many years of valuable experience to improving your equipment. This includes providing accurate drawings of parts for review prior to beginning your production. We never charge to examine your ideas for a new part or upgrade.


To provide a complete solution for your business, we leverage industry-leading software tools such as:

  • SolidWorks (2D & 3D)
  • AutoCAD (2D Only)

100% U.S.-Based Engineering Services

All of our engineering operations are conducted completely in-house from our two Ohio-based locations. We prioritize on-site collaboration and development to create the ideal solution for your business needs and goals.

Custom CNC engineering is a perfect manufacturing option for machine and product parts that require a high level of precision and careful attention to detail. It is also an excellent solution for creating unique, proprietary parts that may have complex or nonstandard geometries.

Starting with a high-level concept, our team of engineers will start with your part’s intended design and function. From there, we create the roadmap to transforming your business need into a tangible reality for prototyping or large-scale manufacturing.

Once you have approved the final concept for your new part, our team of machinists can manufacture it at high volume with impeccable consistency and precision. This provides a scalable means to easily integrate your part into your production processes with the assistance of a reliable partner.


If you need on-site support in our Columbus or Cincinnati, Ohio, shops, we can help.

Whatever design or engineering services your project requires, Advance CNC is here for you.