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Turning Engineering Ideas into Reality

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If you need help improving your production line, designing a new machine, or simply want to extend the lifespan of obsolete equipment, Advance CNC can help. Our in-house engineering team provides solutions ranging from on-site consultations and prototyping to complete production line design. We work with companies in industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automation manufacturing, packaging, and more to improve their operations, save money, and reduce down time.

Engineering Services

Machine Design

We specialize in small and medium sized machine design for industrial use. Automate and improve your processes with new machinery made to your specifications. We can design and machine components, assemblies, and complete production lines depending on your needs.

Production Line Analysis & Consultation

We are available to diagnose your issues on-site or in our shop. Our team can review production line and subassembly designs, investigate failures, run stress simulations, and recommend improvements. We have supported production facilities

Custom Equipment

When you can’t find the equipment you need, our team will create it. If you provide us with your constraints and share your goals, we will generate concepts and rapid prototypes to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

CAD Modeling & Drawing

Bring us your samples and sketches and our engineers will create the CAD files needed to make your parts a reality. Having a digital 3D model of your part will also help us recommend design improvements to minimize production cost and maximize part life.

Industries Served:

Food & Beverage




Many More

Thanks to our expertise and reliability, more companies in Central and Southwestern Ohio rely on Advance CNC Machining Machining for ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering and design than any other machine shop in the state.

Engineering and Design Services Case Studies

Food and Beverage:

A Caramel Apple Automation Solution

At Advance CNC, we can take on production and automation solutions. One example was when we supported the design for an entirely new machine for a caramel apple maker. The machine dipped apples into caramel then put toppings on the caramel covered apple. Our team was contracted to solve critical issues and design major components to ensure efficient production.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices:

We work with multiple segments of the medical industry to improve their manufacturing processes. This includes making changeover parts and designing new subassemblies for pharmaceutical manufacturers to more efficiently produce pills, capsules, vials, and more. It also includes work our in-house machining shop does producing complex parts used in medical devices. From consulting to machining, Advance CNC helps medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers improve operations and produce products seamlessly

Additional Design and Engineering Services

Changeover Parts and Reformatting to Improve OEM Equipment

If your facility has a single machine that can run multiple types of products, we can build changeover parts that will make swapping assemblies simpler. Even if your OEM equipment does not support the improvement you are looking to make, our engineers can reformat it as needed to accommodate the change.

CAD Modeling and 3D Printing of Designs

We use SOLIDWORKS CAD software to create a virtual 3D representation of parts. SOLIDWORKS also gives us the ability to perform stress analysis and reverse engineering work when a part’s original drawings are no longer accessible. While this is valuable to our team, sometimes customers want to have a physical model to review so they can understand how a part we are designing will integrate into their production line. When this is the case, we have 3D printing capabilities. With a 3D print bringing your part to life, you can determine if it is ready to be turned into a prototype or if design adjustments will be needed before moving forward.

Miscellaneous Engineering Solutions

Do you have an obsolete machine that you would rather update than replace? Do you no longer have drawings or details about the alloys used to make its parts? If so, we can still design and build an assembly or a component part that will extend the lifespan of your equipment. In addition to our CAD software used to reverse engineer parts, our team has a material analyzer that we can use to determine the alloy(s) originally used to produce them. Even if you have a one-off need for our engineering and design consulting services, we are ready to help you improve your operational efficiency.


If your facility needs on-site support, our engineers are here to help.