On-Site 24/7 Emergency Welding, Machining, & Fabrication In Ohio

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Emergencies happen in the production world. We know how costly downtime due to broken mechanical components can be, so our team of fabricators, machinists, and engineers are ready to assist. We can provide emergency production line repair and installation services. Our team can reverse engineer and replace broken components and perform temporary repair work while the replacement component is being made. When machining a replacement part, we can also supply your team with spare parts to avoid future emergency breakdowns before they happen. When emergency breakdowns happen, we come to you so your production continues to run reliably and efficiently.


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Thanks to our expertise and reliability, more companies in Central and Southwestern Ohio rely on Advance CNC Machining for emergency production line and mechanical component repair than any other emergency service provider.

Let us know how we can assist you with your production and machinery maintenance needs before or after a breakdown occurs!

Production Line Maintenance and Mechanical Part Replacement During Planned Production Line Downtime

Advanced CNC Machining is a resource for rapid machining solutions. We perform both emergency on-site machining work as well as machining fixes that need to be made during planned downtime. If your machinery or production line has components in need of repair or replacement, your holiday shutdown can be our opportunity to reverse engineer parts, and to machine or fabricate replacements.

How Our Preventative Maintenance & Repair Program Works

First our experienced engineers visit your facility to review your production line and assess your needs. After the assessment they will report the recommended repairs and replacements to you. Depending on the needs, our team of engineers, fabricators, and machinists produce the replacement part(s) or additional components your production line needs. Then, when your planned downtime arrives, we will be on-site once more to install the new part(s). We work quickly and have extensive experience installing components during off-hours and around the holidays. If you want to make the most of upcoming production downtime, contract Advance CNC Machining to develop a solution now.

Case Studies: Emergency 24/7 Machining Services

Emergency Production Line Service on a Weekend

Advance CNC Machining received an urgent call on the weekend from a manufacturer struggling to install a new roller. The shaft was too long and the bearings did not fit. Our emergency services team arrived on site to inspect and measure the new equipment. We managed to make the necessary adjustments in roughly 4 hours. Afterward, the adjusted components were returned and installation took place. This allowed production to run again on Monday without delay.

Precision Machining and Engineering Solutions for External Shops

Our machines and experience allow us to do work that other machining shops cannot. Recently, another manufacturer sought our help in developing wash bay mounting brackets for a power washing operation. We quickly integrated our machining services into their We also ran the piping to the power washers.

Food Manufacturing Production Line Consulting & Service

A food production business reached out seeking help to resolve efficiency problems on their production line. Part of their production line involved cutting dough. They needed a solution that would allow for more precise and efficient cutting. We assigned one of our engineers to review their equipment and process on-site. Our engineer recommended slitter blades be installed to improve slicing quality. The necessary blades were then designed and machined by our team. From first contact to installation, the process took just 2 weeks and provided the customer with lasting improvements to their production line.

Quick Machining of Parts When Overseas Orders are Delayed

Sometimes overseas part orders take too long and delays in receiving parts can cause production line shutdowns. If part delays are going to impact your operations, we can machine intermediary parts to keep production running smoothly. As an OH based machining shop with 24/7 machining capabilities, we can provide precision machined parts far quicker than overseas deliveries can take. This saves production downtime and allows customers to use the overseas part as a spare for potential future needs once it arrives.

Flexible On-Site Emergency Machining Services

Our experience in emergency production line repairs has taught us the value of flexibility and quick thinking. When a component breaks suddenly, we will show up on-site 24/7. After assessing the issue, we may weld a plate or bracket to allow production to continue temporarily. This will allow you to continue production while our machinists produce the right replacement part. While this temporary solution is in place, our engineering team will either work to reverse engineer the damaged part. If this is not possible, we will produce a replacement component using drawings made on-site.

In addition to machining a replacement for a broken production line component, we can also make you a spare. Parts in high impact production will not last forever, no matter how well they are machined. Having a spare readily available will allow your MRO team to handle any future replacements immediately should needs arise.

Emergency Production Line Repairs in OH

We have facilities in Grove City, OH and West Chester, OH. This allows Advance CNC Machining to quickly assist producers throughout Ohio to complete emergency repairs. For example, most of our emergency machining customers are located within an hour of one of our shops. This reduces the time it takes us to perform repairs and machine a replacement part. The goal of our emergency repair team is to help customers minimize downtime. If you need a reliable OH machining shop to handle on-site 24/7 emergency welding, machining, fabrication, Advance CNC Machining is ready to serve you.

Case Studies: Emergency 24/7 Machining Services