Prototype CNC Machining & 3D Printing Services

From Idea to Reality

3D printing has proven to be an effective tool in our arsenal for customers needing assistance with machined part concepts, fixture design, and continuous product testing. 3D printing is the easiest way for customers to update and test their parts until they are ready to move forward with production quantities.

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Why Prototype and Innovate with 3D Printing First?

Save On Prototyping Costs

Little setup cost combined with lights out printing allow for a finished prototype within hours of submitting a drawing or model.

Nonstandard and
Complex Geometry

3D printing allows for complex designs to take shape while planning ahead for large volume production down the line in order to verify accuracy and manufacturability.

Repeatable Precision

A 3D printed part can mirror the same features and dimensions as a machined part over and over again so all revisions of the design will match form as the finished product.