Precision Medical Machining Benefits


As individuals and organizations in the medical industry work to improve and save lives, they rely on specialized equipment to aid them in their mission. When it comes to manufacturing parts for machines and tools that serve doctors, nurses, and surgeons, there are high demands for precision, attention to detail, and quality. 

Depending on your machine’s purpose and functionality, your design specifications may demand proprietary or nonstandard parts with complex geometries or tight space requirements. To source these custom parts at cost-effective scale, many medical device manufacturers turn to a precision medical machining partner. 

Working with a machining partner, you can scalably create parts for your medical technology products that are crafted to your exact specifications. Custom-machined parts can also offer superior quality, durability, and can satisfy unique or nonstandard dimensional requirements. 

Here are some of the benefits that a precision medical machining  partner can provide for your business: 

1: Focus More on Product Design and Prototyping

In-house engineering teams are often tasked with both designing medical technology products and developing the parts necessary to operate them. However, time spent on manufacturing in-house can both increase your labor costs and distract from focusing on designing the best products possible to serve the medical industry. 

When you partner with a precision medical machining provider, they are able to scalably manufacture your specific parts for you at higher volumes and quicker turnarounds. This allows your in-house team to spend more time on creating innovative designs and researching solutions before moving to prototyping. 

Once you have created a concept that you want to test, a machining partner can also assist you in prototyping your designs by creating the necessary high-precision parts to build your initial model for testing. As you begin verifying the execution of your design, you can continuously refine your parts needs until you arrive at a solution that meets your standards for large-scale manufacturing. 

2: Create Product Parts from Multiple Materials

Rarely are medical devices made from a single type of material. They involve plastics, metals, electronics, and more to help medical organizations care for their patients. As you enter into the production phase for your products, you will need a large quantity of each part to manufacture your desired number of machines. 

A machining partner can help you craft these parts from the necessary materials required. Utilizing a wide range of equipment from CNC Swiss machines to 3D printing, your partner can help you develop concept parts for prototypes and eventually fulfill the manufacturing needs for the finished product. 

3: Manufacture Nonstandard Parts at High Volumes

Due to the design requirements of many medical devices, nonstandard parts are often necessary for peak performance. Beyond materials or small sizes, these parts could also contain complex geometries that would not be possible to source from a provider of standard solutions. 

This is where solutions like 4 and 5-axis machining can add value to your production processes. A partner that offers custom precision medical machining can leverage the necessary equipment to create these nonstandard, highly detailed parts for your devices at high volumes to help ensure your inventory remains consistently replenished while saving on costs for your business. 

4: Go Beyond Machines 

Precision medical machining can also be used in biomedical applications, such as prosthetics, orthotics, medical imaging, and implantation devices. These products require highly specialized and often proprietary parts to function at their peak and provide life-changing value to patients. 

Using 4 and 5-axis CNC milling machines, our team at Advance CNC  specializes in creating parts for these products where high attention to detail and tight space tolerances are non-negotiable. We also can provide Swiss Machining and laser marking to help meet further specifications and requirements for your products.

Work with a Precision Medical Engineering Partner Today 

At Advance CNC, our team of expert machinists specialize in leveraging the industry’s most innovative tools and equipment to develop high-precision parts for medical devices. All of our parts are 100% U.S.-manufactured from our locations in Columbus and Cincinnati, OH. 

To learn more about how we can partner with you to create the parts necessary for your production needs, contact us today or request a quote online anytime. 

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