5 Axis CNC Milling Machines: Everything You Need to Know


5-axis CNC milling machines create near-limitless possibilities for your business when it comes to machining parts with nearly any shape and function and where precision and detail are non-negotiable. These machines are commonly used in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries due to the fact that they can create highly intricate designs for specific manufacturing and engineering requirements.

If you are looking to create geometrically complex or nonstandard parts, 5-axis machines provide you the ability to do so with greater control than other milling solutions. They can also be used to create new OEM parts for unique machine components.

At Advance CNC Machining, our team often uses 5-axis machines to serve our customers with unique large-scale manufacturing needs. We compiled this guide to explain how these incredible machines work.

How 5-Axis CNC Milling Machines Work

5-axis CNC milling machines refer to the 5 axes of movement that allow for more precise and efficient machining.

The 5 axes of movement are as follows:

  • X axis: left to right along the table
  • Y axis: front to back along the table
  • Z axis: up and down along the spindle
  • A axis: tilting of the spindle (left to right)
  • B axis: tilting of the table (front to back)

This type of CNC milling machine is equipped with a rotary table that allows for workpieces to be rotated during the machining process.  This makes machines with more axes significantly more versatile when it comes to production capabilities. 

Why Use a 5-Axis Machine?

Faster Lead Times 

The production capabilities of a 5-axis machine enable your business to take advantage of faster lead times. Cutting down on time to wait for new parts can fast-track the rest of your production operations and allow you to manufacture more products for your business at a quicker rate, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. 

Greater Part Accuracy 

When manufacturing parts with complex geometries or nonstandard shapes or sizes, accuracy cannot be compromised. The greater precision offered by 5-axis machines results in that desired level of enhanced accuracy, especially at large quantities. 

Cost Savings 

Working with the right machining partner, you can entrust a significant portion of your parts manufacturing to them while you focus on other core aspects of your business. This results in cost savings in the form of reduced labor needs and faster turnaround. 

Less Stress on Your Team 

A machining partner equips your business with the necessary means to scale your production as you grow. You can increase the quantity of parts ordered without placing additional stress on your internal team with the peace of mind that they will arrive on time so that you can continue manufacturing at larger numbers than previously possible.

Get Custom Parts and Solutions for Your Project Today 

At Advance CNC, our machining professionals provide 5-axis machined parts to a global base of manufacturers seeking custom solutions for nonstandard components. If you are looking for a machining partner for your production operations, contact us today to learn more about our capabilities. 

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